Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Sucks...Comedian Mark Russell

If you suffer from "liberal guilt", your parents probably thought this guy was hilarious. His theater in the round, bow-tie wearing comedy show where he rhymes "NAFTA" and the word "After" has been on since the dawn of time and the average age of his audience is "deceased".

This poor bastard. Check out this page from his website...

I'm not sure the last one even makes sense. This guy got his start writing anti-Buchanan quips. James Buchanan, bi-otch. Seriously, this dude does not appeal to a young demographic. People tailgating at his shows drink Ensure in the parking lot.

Russell rode him. Hard.

Old. His farts, fart dust.

Hey, let's keep it fair- for this post, only comments from WASPS.


Storm Saxon said...

I'm a WASP and I think he's the cat's pajamas.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought this guy should be lumped togeher with Joey Reynolds from WOR and slapped silly. That is the only way they will ever be considered funny. Slapped silly.

willie said...

National Public Radio has been termed National Pentagon Radio. Of
course both NPR and Public Television are both funded by the
Federal Government. I suppose National Pentagon Television fits the acronym nicely, nicely as one of Guys and Dolls used to say.

Anonymous said...

You guys get a life and lighten up! The guy is great. If you don't understand his humor don't watch him.