Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Sucks...BACKNE

I know. It’s gross. But don’t shoot the messenger, Backne, or as it is also known, “back zits” or acne on one’s back, sucks.

Doesn’t matter whose back- it’s all bad. You feel bad when you have it, you feel bad when you see it- you feel bad when you hear about it. You feel bad when it ruins your shirt, you feel bad when it ruins a shirt you lent someone and you feel bad when it ruins the shirt of the person you're leaning up against in the subway.

There is no way to talk about this without being grossed out.

I’m sorry if you’re grossed out but this is a blog about what sucks. I know it’s unpleasant- I'd like to talk about flowers and puppies too, but they don't suck, unless of course they somehow get “backne”.

Never pleasant.

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Lolo said...

EW!!! C'mon dude.