Monday, November 20, 2006

What Sucks...According To Jim

America wake up- this fucker is ready to enter its 6th season (yes, 6TH season!) and if we don’t do something about it, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

How we allowed this show to get into its 6th year is sad statement about who we are. Of course, that being said, I don’t blame anyone for its first 2 seasons.

If you remember, the show debuted in October of 2001 and obviously, our guard was down. There were bigger things on our mind than worrying about giving some new Jim Belushi sitcom the public “shitting on” it deserved. We’d just have to get around to that because Anthrax was in our mailboxes and there were numerous security concerns. No one should feel bad about this, however the thing is, we never got around to it- and now, 6 years later we have to do the job we never finished. I think if we all looked in the mirror, each of us would agree we all could have done more to get this piece of shit out of our faces.

The shows “ATJ” started out with are a distant memory- bugs smashed on the windshield of suck, “My Wife and Kids”, Bonnie Hunt’s 200th chance at a sitcom “Life With Bonnie” (Hello, America hates her- give someone else a chance!) and 8 Simple Rules, yet somehow Belushi, lived on.

Now I should note, I myself have never watched this show, nor have I met anyone who else who has seen it. In addition I have never heard the following…
“Hey did you see ‘According To Jim’ last night?”
“Hey, give me the remote, ‘According To Jim’ is on.”
“Excuse me- I have to make a quick call…(ON PHONE) Hun, can you make sure we’re TIVOing ‘According To Jim’”?

Yet the show sits, ready to hit the air as a midseason replacement. Tell me, are we so indifferent as a society, so apathetic and conditioned accepting suckiness, that we can’t even make the effort to NOT watch this thing?

Sadly, “According To Jim” has already taped its 100th episode, securing that it will be available for syndication and will then in turn, make the people who created it, rich or, richer. And it will be bought by someone, after all, Mama’s Family is still on the air. So, Jim Belushi, who has given us “The Principal”, “Curly Sue”, “K-9” and “K-9: PI” will be able to buy another home. By the way Lenny Bruce died penniless.

Letter writing campaigns have saved a number of shows from cancellation, the great lesbian cop drama “Cagney and Lacy”, “My So Called Life” which gave us Jared Leto, and of course The History Channel’s “Hitler’s Birthdays”. Now its time to let letter writing campaign work for us.

Go to

There you will see a place to e-mail ABC about ATJ. There you can actually select “According To Jim” from a menu of shows to discuss. Do this, and when you get to the message part of the email, tell them you’re sick of this crap- tell them to get off their asses and find something else to put on their air. Tell them that Lenny Bruce died penniless. Or cut and paste the following…

Dear ABC Exec:

Don’t you think 6 years is enough? According to me, According To Jim sucks.

Yours In Christ,

(Your Made Up Name).

So it looks like this…


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, fucking God.

This is so blooming true! Finally, someone who I can be on the level with and actually agrees that: ATJ SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

ATJ is the absolute stupidest show I've ever had the displeasure to bear witness too. The writing blows, the characters suck. The entire half hour is a testament to how dumb downed American sitcom watchers have become. Personally, I simply hate Jim Belushi. Someone on FB actually had the audacity to say that Belushi should get with Ackroyd and produce a 3rd Blues Bros Flick (BB2000 bit, A 3rd would be an atrocity). The only reason I ever watch ATJ is because Kimberly Williams-Paisley is so fuckin' hot!!!


kendall_is_me77 said...

The whole show sucks. The only good thing about it is it keeps my "f---king" wife quite for 30 minutes, unles of coarse I mention to her that the only person on earth who would enjoy this show is Helen Keller.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you stupid ass people just shut up. It was a good show. You didn't like because there was no stupid ass rap playing. Or dumb ass people most likely like yourselfs IM sure with pants around thier ass drinking malt liquor smoking a Blount. Heres an idea.. Turn the fucking channel. But IM sure your to lazy to get off your welfare unemployed ass. Or to stupid to read this

Anonymous said...

its kind of funny/ironic to call someone stupid when you make numerous spelling errors, use bad grammar, and write incomplete sentences, wouldn't ya think?

Anonymous said...

I never even heard of this show, but now it's on reruns and I'm like, what supposed to believe that this guy is in his 40s? He's like 60 and playing a dad of young kids. I know it's possible but not likely. Oh and how about a funny joke, just one. Isn't his wife the woman from Melrose Place? That was her only good role in life.

Anonymous said...

It is a amusing, easy to watch show. True story.


Anonymous said...

Better than Seinfeld, the Office or Frasier. A classic.