Saturday, November 11, 2006

What Sucks Saturday Spotlight… Rummy: Thanks For the Memor-sucks

The world of suckage took a major blow this week when Donald Rumsfeld resigned from his job as the Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld leaves after serving 6 years in the President’s cabinet- a turbulent tenure during which America became familiar with the terms “Abu Ghraib”, “extraordinary rendition” and “Vitalis”.

Depending on what pissed you off the most about Rumsfeld- the arrogance, the way he told that solider you “go to war with the army you have, not the army you want” or the fact that for some reason he chose to stand at his desk during the work day, rather than sit, there’s one thing for sure- he’s leaving some giant suck shoes to fill. For example, will our next Secretary-- or Suck-ratary Of Defense be so comfortable boxing out our generals, usurping the Secratary of State and flipping people the bird on CNN?

We don't know.

Here's the clip via Crooks And Liars (it takes a little bit to get to) but to be honest who among us wouldn't have liked to flip off that damn, dirty hippy.

It's hard to believe that it wasn't too long ago that Rumseld was very popular- don't believe me, check out the image below.
Coming to a novelty store discount bin near you.

Now perhaps after the role the Iraq war played in this most recent election, the only one wearing these is…

And maybe…

As for Rummy, this week Germany said they may want to sek criminal charges against him for sanctioning torture of prisoners, let me be the 1000th person to make this joke- if Germany thinks you've gone too far with the way you've treated someone you're holding prisoner, yikes.

They've had better weeks.

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