Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What Sucks...This Republican National Committee Ad (Especially the Casting!)

I really don't know much about the Senate race in Tennessee other than this negative political ad really, really sucks.

It's not so much that it is more insulting than other negative ads in it's content or intention, it's bad I guess, but what really sucks about it and what is really offensive is just how crappy a job was done by the people who put it together. Check it out, it has got to be the worst shot, worst written and by far worst cast political ad ever.

It's an insult to the people it's targeted to.

Where do we start? First off, where is this thing supposed to be shot? On Saracstic Avenue in Downtown Sarcasticville? Is there a town in Tennessee made up equally of sardonic, passive aggressive dickheads and complete morons? (I mean other than Knoxville? Just kidding- go Vols!)

And what about the "playboy party girl". In what galaxy does someone who looks like that get to attend a Playboy party? Jimmy Caan would have her ass thrown out of there in 2 seconds. And while we're at it, what the fuck is a "Playboy party"? A party at the mansion? Is that what Heff is calling them now? Are you telling me he'd let her in? I'm not even sure he'd let Harold Ford in.

And what about the gavone they cast as the "porn guy"? Why is he walking the streets in TN? Is there a lot of porn made there? And why is he insinuating that we all take money from porn movie producers? What porn movie producer is trying to buy favors in Tennessee? And did someone actually approve him wearing those sunglasses as a character choice?

And no, I don't think that survivalist dude with the face make-up in that commercial has enough guns. Let's give him more.

Jeezus that sucked.


Anonymous said...

Your right on about the suckiness of that ad, but that playboy party girl was not bad looking, I mean come on dude.

cyn said...

i would go as anonymous too if i said that --- who is she really? your mother?