Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Sucks...The Drudgereport 8:26 AM


Hey Drudge, I think Hallmark has an opening in it's "Cards For Every Occasion, From Douchebags" department.

The NY has something similar.


Get it? The Yankees' nickname is "The Bombers!"

It's not so much that the guy died and that he has left a wife and a little kid behind, as much as it is that the joke by Drudge and the Post is so shitty.

Why not just run a headline reading "Low & Outside!" or "Lidle Loses It In The 40th!"

Since I posted this, Drudge has taken down any mention of the incident, no doubt to give us the latest outrageousness to come out of Barbara Streisand's mouth. (The guy covers her a lot. Sheesh, come out already!)


Anonymous said...

You are what is wrong with the world today.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad little liberal. Move to France.

Chris DeLuca said...

No, you move to France. Go ahead, move to France. We're waiting for you to move to France. Everyone, can I have your attention, anonymous here is going to move to France. Bon Voyage, dude. Have fun in France.

SusieTruth said...

yeah Drudge does seriously suck these days, I blogged about it here.

Same thing, Matt Drudge and his cronies with serious lack of class or human decency.