Friday, October 20, 2006

What Sucks...Stingrays

It's always a friggin' accident with these things. WTF?

Wake up America, Stingrays are out of control and have a thirst for blood.

Maybe, MAYBE you could make a case for them killing the Crocodile Hunter dude, becuase lets face it, he had fucked with countless alligators and crocodiles throughout his life, but this last guy was an 81 year old fisherman.

Who's next? When will we care? The Stingray death toll now stands at 2.

The 1st in a series of Stingray victims.


Variant E said...

Watch out...these things come in threes you know. I'm never swimming in my pool again...

Erik said...

I think that they're just protecting themselves. Steve Irwin was probably going to stick his finger up its ass, and the fisherman was most likely trying to eat some of his killer's fish-friends. I really can't blame them for fighting back.

dehumidifier said...

stingrays are trying to take our freedom.

Anonymous said...

2 down, 5,999,999,998 to go!

- Bob the Stingray