Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Sucks...Rush Limbaugh

(I know, getting very political lately. Sorry. I’ll try and to at least keep the level of discourse high, bear with me.)

Hey Rush Limbaugh, fuck you!

(Shit, sorry.)

Rush Limbaugh is convinced Michael J. Fox is exaggerating his symptoms for Parkinson’s disease in a recent ad for Missouri Senate hopeful Claire McCaskill. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here… Michael J. Fox Ad

He continues to claim that Michael J. Fox is acting or went off his medication, even after one physician after another points out that when Parkinson’s patients go off their medication, they experience a loss in movement, not an increase- and that the increase in movement Fox is showing is in fact a side effect of the medication.

But he's freaked out before about Michael J. Fox's appearance. Remember the stink he cuased when this came out ?

Acting? The guy was in Life With Mikey.


boogers snodgrass said...

whos rush limbaugh, i thought he was an unemployed media relations or marketing person with the KC Royals & by the way I want George Mitchell to talk to Limbaugh because Limbaugh

snoddy toddy said...

obviously as used human growth hormones up his fucking ass so much that since he left the royals his head is full of shit and the brain is where his shit should be.