Thursday, October 05, 2006

What Sucks...Rosie O'Donnell Sex Scenes Perv Watch V.3

There is no need for this. Asbol-fucking-lutely no need.

Here’s the link- if you have an erection death wish. Boner morgue.

This seems like a dare no one ever called- including Rosie. Although you do have to admit, her body looks pretty good for 3 kids. I know she adopted hers, I was talking about the 3 kids in her stomach, that she recently ate.

Still, not as disturbing as the Mentally Challenged Sister Who Wears Two Different Colored Chuck Taylors“ movie.


Anonymous said...


Erik said...

Agreed. She should only be allowed to do sex scenes on the radio. Visuals don't work for her. Actually, her voice isn't so hot either.

Cyn said...

ugh!ick!ick!ick!..i'm going to hate you now for as long as that video clip was...eewwwwwwwww.She is the GROSSESST creature, why do the nip/tuck people want to hurt us?

Anonymous said...

I just flushed all my Viagra down the toilet.