Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Sucks…Pilots/ Anything Else

Just be a pilot. Flying is a full time job.

You are in the air, traveling in something made of metal that is very heavy- let’s lose the “slash”.

Being a “pilot/ famous magazine editor” or a “pilot/ country music singer” or yes, a “pilot/ major league baseball player” only leads to being a “pilot/ dead guy”.

Flying is not a hobby. It is not collecting stamps.

Think of your best friend in the world- the person who you know would do ANYTHING for you- be there any time- it could be your brother, your sister, your husband or your wife...

...would you get in a plane with them if they told you they could fly?

Hell no. Let's keep the slash out of the sky.

Pilot- in his free time, he worries about flying in the sky.

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Cyn said...

right on target... as usual ;)