Monday, October 30, 2006

What Sucks...Oprah

Hey Oprah, WTF?!

Thanks for the $1000 dollar debit card that I can only spend on charitable causes. No seriously, this is much better than giving me a brand new car or paying off all my debt. Great, I will love going around giving away money I could totally use, you sadistic megalomaniac!

Maybe this month you’ll be on the cover of “O” and “Mind Fuck Weekly”.

Let me ask you a question is the "Get Stedman A Sack" a charitable cause? These people expected sailboats!

At least when you go see Maury you know what you’re getting- (usually an STD).


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, dude.


GorillaSushi said...

It must be tough having so much money that you have to recruit people to help give it away. If Oprah keeps it up at this rate, the whole world will be rolling in puppy dogs and rainbows in approx. 7.5 years. Trade off=Oprah will eat anyone who opposes her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, people couldn't figure out a way to use the money for themselves?

red apple said...

Everyone should have given it to each other as "charitable causes".Oprah sucks.

Fat Bastard said...

Oprah is a histrionic fat girl. She should just keep eating and admit she's a glutton.

Anonymous said...

Oprah Winfrey and The O magazine
sweepstakes are a f'n joke and a bunch of crap they don't even have there so called O list shit
together first of all they tried to say 10 huggable coat hangers cost $188.00 my experience dealing with these idiot's has left me bitter it was a battle all the way no one was able to answer a simple questions it took 3 pretty stupid and clueless people to send a bunch of over priced crap, of course you have to pay taxes on
this shit, not to mention they deducted money from your winnings to compensate for there taxes! That is a first for me. Hearst Magazine was all to ready to send a 1099 tax form before I even received all there over priced cheap ass crap f'd up shit... Oprah's taste sucks and they are totally f'd up...

Lunarshape said...

Oprah DOES suck!
She claims she is out to protect children with her "Oprah Laws", yet she supports placing young children on sex offender registries for playing doctor! She also supports placing teens on registries just for exchanging a nude photo on their cellphones (aka "sexting") and for having consensual sex with other teens (
Oprah should know these registries are over-reaching and need reform.
But she is obviously a fake who cares nothing about thumb-printing five-year-olds at police departments.
You suck big time, Oprah!

deborah said...

As said in the Bible - Satan will tell you a thousand truths, to convince you of one lie.

Remind u of anyone?

What comes to my mind?

Her initials are O.W. She went from humble to having a God complex!

Anonymous said...

Oprah is the anti-christ! deb is right!

TomCatOne said...

Oprah is nothing more that an arrogant, self spoiled, self important Hollywood socialite. She tells people that Obama will be reelected to indulge her ego and delude her mindless following flock of dumb sheep.

Anonymous said...

oprah is scum. she is now going to receive the presidentail congretional medal from muslim american hating obama...i guess this is obama paying the fat slob back for the millions of dollars that she poured into his 2 election campaigns. If obama was not black she would have never gave him a second look. who is the racist?????