Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Sucks...Madonna

I think she stole a kid.

I think she stole a kid and then went and bullshat Oprah about it.

Granted, I'm sure the kid is not dying to go back home- he's probably crying with joy as he awaits for his new PS3- not at all missing his old toys, "puddle and rock", but still, can Madonna so this?

Either way, she definitely sucks check out her “Suck Resume”...

And keep in mind, her suck resume is so chock full, to keep it to one page, she had to take off “Fucked Warren Beatty”, “Used A Burning Cross in a Video”, “Dated Vanilla Ice” and “Was in the Matthew Modine Vehicle ‘Vision Quest’”.

1 comment:

BW said...

Dude...don't knock "puddle and rock" - I heard that "Tickle Me Puddle and Rock" was going to be huge this Christmas...