Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What Sucks…Lou Diamond Phillips As An Actor, Husband

Recently arrested Lou Diamond Phillips is quick approaching the very rare suck tri-fecta in which someone sucks equally in three different areas.

Currently, after turns in movies such as…everything he’s done, more specifically...ah yeah, everything he’s done it’s clear he sucks as an actor.

After earlier this month getting arrested on spousal abuse charges, and after having his 1st wife leave him for another woman, safe to say he blows as a husband.

As for the 3rd element- it’s anyone’s guess. There is a very good chance he may already suck at something, we just don’t know about it. Is he a dad? I don’t know- if he is, what are the chances he doesn’t suck? Does he play an instrument? Again, chances are very good if he does, he sucks. Is he a hockey player? Lou Diamond Phillips has to be very careful- the suck trifecta is closing in on him.


Variant E said...

But he's started to look a little more like Gilligan every day!!

tpraja said...

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Chris DeLuca said...

Am I being spammed by Burt Young?