Monday, October 09, 2006

What Sucks…Entertainment Weekly’s “The Shaw Report”

Jesus. What a gig. You think there’s 9 seconds of thought put into this?

By the way, if you’re eating whole grin oatmeal to lower your cholesterol count, you should know that that is “Five minutes ago.” What a scam.

In: Bullshitting people into giving you a ridiculously easy gig.
Out: Getting a real job.
Five minutes ago: Giving a shit.


Erik said...

It can't be that easy to fill nine whole boxes. Those five word blurbs take awhile to come up with. Or not?

Goedi said...

I like "whole grin oatmeal," it plasters a phony smile on my face that lasts at least until my first cigarette.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what sucks? That I didn't discover this blog until just yesterday. I can only imagine what kind of pessimistic, cynical, and of course wonderful, scorn I've missed out on!