Monday, October 09, 2006

What Sucks…A-Rod

Yes, you did. Well said, A-hole.

When will New York stop giving this guy a free ride? He sucks!

Why when he gets booed do we have to read 1000 stories about how shocking it is that New Yorkers are booing A-Rod? They are speaking the truth and speaking out against suckiness!

In New York it’s about how you respond to booing. A-Rod doesn’t get that. Giambi did.

Jason Giambi sucked so badly, he almost got released. Did he quit? Did he give up? No- he went out and to his credit, worked really, really hard at finding an undetectable ‘roid.

You know how many labs he must have had to go to? That takes resolve.

A-Rod gets booed, what does he do- he goes and sits shirtless in Central Park.

I don’t get it.

New Yorkers want to see you do something crazy to fight your suckiness- they booed Roger Clemens until he pitched his ass off and threw a bat at Mike Piazza. For a while, during a slump, they even booed Derek Jeter, until he went out and had Jessica Alba.

What does A-Rod say? “As long as I’m not booed by my wife and daughter.”

What they hell are they waiting for?

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