Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Salman Rushdie- What Sucks Hero

What do you have to do to be a "What Sucks Hero"?

Come out publicly against something by saying it sucks, like Salman Rushdie did when he said "Muslim Veils suck", and in the process jumped firmly on the What Sucks bandwagon.

Holy shit does this guy not pull punches when it comes to what he feels about muslim culture.

Granted what you're about to read is not HIS arguement, but there is a case to be made for Muslim Veils sucking. Be that as it may, I know nothing about Muslim culture myself, so take this with a grain of salt. (Translation- don't kill me.)

Many claim the veil is about a woman's "modesty". That she covers her head and in some cases, more of her body over "modesty" issues. But let's be honest- in many cultures a woman doesn't have to cover her whole body up to be modest. In many ancient African cultures, a woman would go barechested, and to be modest would cover her neck. In modern American culture, a woman would choose not to reveal "so much" of her midsection.


So the question I leave you with is this- is this about modesty or about some dudes out there, who would just as soon have all the girls around them dressed in bee-keeper suits, becuase they are having trouble dealing with the fact that they are, well, and don't be uspet with me saying this...

...uncomfortable being really horny?

You be the judge.


Liam said...

You sir - are a racist.

hannah said...

Naw - the qu'ran says men AND women should cover their heads before God out of respect - that's just standard medieval religious jargon - being as those medievals were wacky. Nowadays God is pretty much unshockable, and muslim men may or may not have a secret beekeeper fetish. Did I just say that?

bike posse said...

a witty racist then...