Monday, September 11, 2006

What Sucks...The War on Terror

A lot has been said about the War on Terror- thousands of hours of TV, hundreds of news stories examining what we’ve learned and where we’re vulnerable- and while I don’t want to bore you with some long winded take on the news and the huge media orgy that has ensued with the marking of 9-11's 5th anniversary, I DO think someone should take a minute to say...

..ah, this is awkward...

Bin Laden is still free.

Yeah, this just in, the guy who masterminded the worst attack in the history of the US…not caught.

And I only mention it because, well, no one else is mentioning it. 24-hour news coverage, with 2 major cable news networks (3 if you count MSNBC) and Osama can’t get arrested. Literally.

What the hell happened? Did we give up? Do we not care? We're going to have to start boobie-traping hammocks if we want to kill this guy.

And why isn't this the lead story of every newscast? Every night there should be a bug on the bottom of the screen, with Bin Laden, on a beach, and the number of days he’s been out there right next to it.

Let me put it to you this way- if before 9/11, someone told Bin Laden he would be able to pull off the worst attack in the history of this country AND still get 5 years afterward to kick around, he would have said “I’ll take it!”

And I know people say “Yeah, well, Bin Laden is nailed down in a specific area, it’s not like he’s out there doing whatever he wants…”

Oh, so what? We’ve made him uncomfortable? The guy is behind the most horrible, evil event of my lifetime and what's his punishment? He can’t go to the theater? What, so he has to wait to see "Wedding Crashers" on DVD?

Who would have thought he would have lived to see the Red Sox win a championship.

Remember when Bush said “Wanted Dead or Alive”? Right now I'd settle for “wanted”.

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