Monday, September 25, 2006

What Sucks…The Tampa Bay Buc’s Offensive Line

It's one thing to be unable to establish a ground game, it's another to have your quarterback lose his spleen.

That is just not effective pass protection. I don't know what you have to do- use 2 tight ends? Keep your running back in on 3rd down? An offensive coordinator should not have to run plays to protect someone's spleen.

And unless you have the Carolina Pather's defense in fanasy football AND your league gives points for "organ removal", you had to be disturbed by what happened yesterday to Chris Simms.

Tampa Bay O-Line was so bad, Simms is lucky he didn't wake up in a bathtub of ice, with a note nearby explaining to him that someone has taken his kidneys! (Happened to my friend's friend a couple of years ago.)

Now the kid is tough- he actually came back into the game after leaving for two plays, but never again will he march his team down a field, without worrying about who in the stadium has filled out their organ donor cards. Basically, for an offensive line to look worse, someone pretty much has to die.

Running back Cadillac Williams summed it up quite nicely "Yeah, they didn't really open up too many holes for me, but on the other side, at least I still have ability to fight off infection!" (I made that quote up.)

Look at these pictures- the guy got his ass kicked.


Illegal use of the spleen!

Season? How bout life?

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