Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What Sucks...The Song "Dear God"

Is this supposed to “guilt” God out or something?

I’m not thinking He was too moved. Although it probably did cause Him to consider the doctrine of free will as it applies to passive aggressiveness.

Take a look…

For what it’s worth, God did not write back- although I did find that Jesus did- I guess He wasn’t able to restrain Himself. Check it out…

August 16, 1987

c/o EMI UK
United Kingdom


Thanks for the note. I just wiped my ass with it. Hey, here’s a tip, why don’t you be a little more sarcastic when you write songs? That way you’ll always be less well known than Flock of Seagulls.

Saw the video- that was some budget you were working with but trust me, every penny of the 300 bucks you spent shows up on the screen- just so you know $300 is what Men Without Hats spend on lunch everyday, but keep writing your songs- I’m sure the rest of the world will come around.

I’d like to address your letter line by line, let me first go to where you start whining like a bitch- oh wait, that’s the whole freaking thing, sorry I’ll be more specific. Actually, I’m not gonna dignify your “letter” by responding to it, except to say my Dad and I have little to do with people being lost at sea (Verse 4). WTF? You jack-holes must have really been hurting for a rhyme when you included that at the end.

In closing, thanks for the most painful 3:37 I’ve had in about 1, 953 years. I can’t wait to hear your follow up “Dear Man.” Go fuck yourselves.


Wish they had "a-Ha" money.

And the Lord said "Return to sender."

Nice video. WWO-GD. What would Okay-GO do?

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Ben said...

Wow. That is one sarcastic savior.