Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What Sucks...Movies Featuring Rob Reiner As An Actor

Come on.
The Muse? EdTV? Sleepless In Seattle?

The Story of Us? The First Wives Club? Alex & Emma?

Primary Colors? Bye Bye Love?

Suck. All of them.

Was he in "North" too? Must have been, that thing blew.

It’s hard to have high hopes for the upcoming “Everyone’s Hero” and that’s not just because it tells the story of a kid who finds a talking baseball that leads him to recovering a talking baseball bat that belongs to Babe Ruth.

As a director, the man brought us “Spinal Tap”, “Misery”, “Stand By Me”,“When Harry Met Sally” and “The Princess Bride” (which featured excellent performances from Andre the Giant and Chris Sarandon). As an actor he gave us poop.*

*as a director he also gave us poop with everything he’s done after 1992.


Anonymous said...

That guy is a meathead.

Liam said...

He was in Bullets Over Broadway.. Good flick.

Will Fleming said...

But he was also an actor in Spinal Tap.

Chris said...

Primary Colors was pretty good. At least not EdTV bad.