Friday, September 22, 2006

What Sucks...Fans Of Lonelygirl15: What Sucks Perv Watch V. 1

Okay so I’m a little late in weighing in on this but I checked out a couple of these Lonelygirl15 videos on youtube and yeah, I TOTALLY understand why there is such a huge deal made over them. I mean here you have this girl, 16 years old, talking into the camera, usually on an extreme close up, posting videos of herself and to me its crystal clear why her fans follow her so closely.

They're huge pervs.

No? Makes total sense that the telling of mundane, no interest stories of the adventures of Bree and Daniel would be such a sensation.

And some of you are mad at Lonelygirl for being fake? Maybe you're being fake when you look in the mirror and claim not to see a perv!

Yeah, I’m sure it was her gripping stories. Busted, pervs.

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