Thursday, September 14, 2006

What Sucks...Dancing With The Stars

I don’t understand the success of this show. Does America know what it’s about? Why are they tuning in to watch Harry Hamlin (Making Love, Clash of the Titans) and a bald Joey Lawrence dance in such huge numbers?

I could see as a goof once or twice, but this is season three. They’ve already watched the guy who played J. Peterman from Seinfeld, and George Hamilton dance.

And why is NFL All-Time rushing leader Emmitt Smith on this show? And why was NFL great Jerry Rice on it last year? Are they having money problems? Why do some of the greatest football players of modern time dancing on this show?

And none of these people, with the exception of the football players, are stars. Do you realize you’re watching Tucker Carlson dance?

And there’s it’s not like there’s nothing else on. “House” is on. You could watch “House”, it’s about a doctor with an attitude. From everything I read, it seems to be a very good show.

Who the hell are these people?


Epic Image Studios | Blog said...

I agree, it's a piece of shit of a show. Even the theme song annoys me.

Anonymous said...

I'm so elated to know that so many people HATE Dancing With the Stars. Or a more befitting name should be: Dancing With the Has-beens! I can't begin to unload my disdain for such a mindless, moronic, cretinous, foolish, ridiculous, asinine, piece of s*** program. If you're old enough you'll remember when ABC used to offer some great TV shows with the exception of The Lawrence Welk Show. You've got to be in your 40's or older to remember though. CBS and NBC were once a treasure trove of great shows, too. But those bygone days of great TV shows are gone forever. Now the philosophy is to offer TV shows in which the dumber the better method is attracting today's audience. Fake reality tripe is now the norm. Today's average TV viewer either doesn't remember when TV shows used to be watchable, or is too young to value a well written comedy, a fine drama or a great detective series. What do we have now? Offensive, immature comedies, offensive dramas and the ultimate crap: fake reality shows. Dancing With the Stars has got to be my all time most hated TV show EVER! It is so lame, contrived and flat out ridiculous! OK so all you middle aged housewives can ogle at Donny Osmond making an ass out of himself on stage. Hey, that's not unusual for Donny Osmond! Or some ex football star disgracing himself with moronic dance moves, etc................ We live in a time of rotten television shows. I'm sure the future of television shows is going to be dark, if not darker than what we see today. If that's possible. Pick up a good book or spend some quality time on YouTube. Now there's a media treasure trove there!

Anonymous said...

I watched last nite for one whole dance, and after watching real dancing on SYTYCD on FOX, it was a tough pill to swallow. Besides the FACT that the dancing was lame, the band was awful with some singer who was screaching to hit notes, and SHOCKER...he missed notes, just air came out! useless!

Anonymous said...

I am offended by this show. It is way to sexually offensive to be shown to kids. I don't really need this garbage in my home! Don't get me wrong I was watching ballroom dancing way before it a popular and found it so great. But this is crap!