Friday, September 29, 2006

What Sucks...AOL's "Dead or Not Dead?" Quiz

First off- I'm not making this up. AOL is basically having a 10 question "Is this person dead or alive?", quiz on its website.

Hey AOL, these people really died, you mean bastards!

By the way, I love how it says, on the screen "The New AOL, we've changed". Yeah, you did man. You're kind of like a dick now.

Let's get to the quiz. They start off with some tricky ones...Jerry Lee Lewis.

Hmm, let's see- he's old. His nickname is "The Killer", a lot of his wives are dead...but no he lives.

Yes, got that one right! By the way, when you get it right, and the person is not dead, they plug your record.

After Tony Bennett- hello- alive, they throw a curve ball at you- they give you this...

The guy from Milli Vanilli- Fabrice Morvan. Milli Vanilli...guy killed himself, right?


Wrong. It was the other guy. Rob Pilatus. AOL throws you a curve ball. And when you get it wrong, they let you know. Man AOL takes this seriously.

After Maurice Gibb (DEAD) you get Tammy Wynette and you better get that one right, or you're liable to get yourself a "stand by your painkillers" joke.

Stand by your painkillers? Come on.

After Smokey Robinson (ALIVE) you get all the way to Laura Branigan. A lot of these people died suddenly, and not so long ago. We all may play our celebrity dead games, but you know it's in private.

I got 7 out of 10. AOL was not impressed.

Neither was I.


Mo! said...

That's funny, I thought AOL was dead.

Nate said...

You should hang out with Amelie Gilette, The Hater from The Onion. I bet you two would have a great time chatting!