Friday, September 22, 2006

What Sucks...13 Year Old Racist Twin Singing Group "Prussian Blue"

Sometimes on What Sucks, you have to take unpopular stands (www.what-sucks.blogspot. com/doctorswithoutborders/fakelink) this, however, is not one of those times.

But maybe for future star makers we can shine a spotlight on where the power (white) behind the throne of the singer/songwriters/Matt Hale sympathizers Prussian Blue, went wrong in designing their band and pinpoint exactly where the mistake was made that took them from being the next Hanson to…ahem...wait for it...the next Manson. (Everything in this post after that pearl, my friends, is gravy.)

Apparently Prussian Blue handlers were taking a page out of the Boy/ Girl Band playbook when they found a 13-year old sibling act with healthy, long, blonde hair who could play instruments.

However they soon got confused and took a page from the Turner Diaries when they had them write songs celebrating Rudolph Hess, race wars and denying the Holocaust.

More recently the duo came under heavy criticism when they offered to raise money and help only the white victims of hurricane Katrina. (What, when George Bush does it, it's okay?) Causing Kanye West to say “Racist twin singing groups don’t care about…oh nevermind.” Oddly, once again stunning a nearby Mike Myers.

The parents fault you say- probably. These girls, after all are young and at 13, haven’t fully entered their prime teen-age rebellion years, which for them considering their upbringing, will probably consist of donating time at a soup kitchen, before of course, dating black guys.

They’ll have a lot to rebel against. Their mother, from California, home schooled them, (almost always a good decision) and their step dad is such a fan of Nazi symbolism he has swastikas adorning his home and even registered one as his cattle brand, thus succeeding in making cows, racist.

Seig Moo.
Still, I think we’d all by their album before this latest offering from “The Who”.

Give it up already.

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