Saturday, August 12, 2006

What Sucks…What Used Be "PAX"

What used to be "PAX" and is now "i" is, and I'm not shitting you, running a Mama's Family Marathon this weekend. Seriously, look at their homepage,, a Mama’s Family Marathon.

Mama’s Fucking Family. Fucking Mama. Fucking Vinton. Fucking Naomi. Mara-fucking-thon. And no, a-hole, if you call it a “Mama-thon”, that doesn’t make it all right.

This is some sad shit. Check out the schedule-

8PM - 9PM: Mama’s Family (back to fucking back)
9PM – 10PM: Billy Ray Cyrus "Doc" Show (not first run)
10PM – 11PM: Diagnosis Murder
11PM: You face facts that you are an elderly person who is being neglected* (Highest Rated Hour)

I may be overstating this here, let me know if I am but I think we can do better than live in a world where there are Mama’s Family Marathons. I know shit is fucked up and all but, come on.

And what kind of sorry-ass staff meeting must it have been when guy from programming announced he acquired the rights to Mama's Family? "Hey everyone, fucking kill me, we're having a 'Mama-thon'." Did someone else say "Oh great, douchebag, what happened? Did you not feel like laying out the extra 10 bucks for Mr. Belvedere?”

You know, I once was stuck in an elevator with Ken Berry for 12 hours and he never mentioned the show once. He knew it was not something to be proud of. Sure, he went on and on about F Troop and I couldn’t shut him up about his one time guest spot on Small Wonder (he fucked the girl, she was really a robot), but Momma’s Family? Not a peep.

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