Monday, August 07, 2006

What Sucks...The Blog

Welcome to “What Sucks”, the blog dedicated to all that is sucky.

With so much around us that blows, it’s my hope this blog can help you keep it all sorted out.

Let’s face it- suckiness surrounds us all, gripping us in its vice-like hold, clinging to our lives with the ferocity of a bear trap made of shit. Our mission? To offer insight and shed understanding on the vast, seemingly endless, black hole of crap each one of us has to face everyday. And while that torrent of bullshit is both mammoth in scope and unyielding in its advance, at least here it can be called it out for what it is- a lot of shit that really sucks.

So join me- everyday I’ll shine the spotlight on something that sucks. And your comments, until you weird me out, are always welcome. Tell me what you think sucks, or if I suck, tell me that too. Perhaps, if given a voice, suckiness will one day recede. So think of us not as something born in cynicism but rather as custodians of a new age, where someone won’t feel bad if their ring tone isn’t up to snuff. That being said, thanks for stopping by and sorry everything really sucks so bad.

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