Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What Sucks…Mr. Spacely

Is Mr. Spacely the worst cartoon character ever? Now, by “worst”, I don’t mean “most boring” or “least entertaining”, I mean human being wise, is he the most contemptible? You can make a case.

There are characters out there who are selfish and petty and want to take over the world, and while those are loathsome traits, these characters for the most part are driven by a misguided ambition that makes them think they can run things better than what is going on in the status quo. Are they that much different from you, I and Hillary Clinton? A slight push in the right direction, and Lex Luther or Megatron could be a force for good.

Then there is Spacely. A dick-faced, rageaholic who continues to brazenly wear a Hitler mustache post Hitler’s ascension. A special kind of offensive, he overtly uses his position as an employer over George Jetson to manipulate him in any way he can, often involving himself in his employee’s personal matters, he routinely berates him via the video phone showing time and time again by bellowing “Jetson!” at the top of his lungs, that he has no clue as to what phone etiquette is.

Everything we learn about Spacely is detestable. If only we had a clearer picture of him outside his life in the “Jetson World”, perhaps he could take his rightful place in infamy.

On a personal note, I have to admit I struggled with this post. I just know Spacely is a bad guy, I just wish I had the proof. Just like the snake-ish corporate heads wrecking havoc on the small people in this country- if I only knew where Spacely was today, I feel I'd have enough to nail him and bring him into the spotlight as one of the most underrated bastards in boss history. Developing...


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind the Jetson's took place in the future. Perhaps people have forgotten about the atrocities Hilter performed. Perhaps Mr. Spacely's grooming habits are not as brazenly anti-social as you think. However, is having a society with flying cars, talking dogs (albeit, with speech impediments), and robot slaves worth the ommission of these horrible acts. Or perhaps this post doesn't make any sense at all.

Walking Spanish said...

i wonder where the likes of Mr Slate, Mr Crabs and Spacely's arch rival Cogswell of Cogswell Cogs are in this pecking order of animated boss douchebaggery?
Not to mention the ultimate evil of Mr Mongomery Burns.

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