Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What Sucks...Lohan's Deathwish

She’s not even trying to hide it anymore.

The partying, the on again off again relationships with Wilmer Valderama and food, the battles with “dehydration” (liquor) and “heat exhaustion” (malt liquor)- let's be honest- the way she’s going, Lohan may not make it past the weekend.

Then, after getting publicly called out by the head of Morgan Creek pictures, last week she pulls an “I want to go to Iraq” announcement out of her ass.

Iraq! She's lighting up the Chateau Marmont Belushi style, can’t make it to a set on time, is having more hospital visits than Congressman John Murtha and now wants to go to the most dangerous place on earth.

Lohan has kicked it up a notch.

Today, she talks about Sex & The City inspired casual relationships with men.

Looks like when you break it down, Lindsay is just as impressionable as many young women her age who find themselves influenced by a glamorous, popular television show, only to learn the hard, universal truth later in life that no man in the real world, with any self-esteem, would ever want to be with someone like Charlotte.

We are officially at Lohan Deathwatch DEFCON 5. You might as well start building a size 2 coffin.

Determined to live fast and leave a hot corpse

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DeniseSerre said...

Hi Chris:

I agree with you. She's on my list of those who won't make it to age thirty. I've never known someone who's in and out of the hospital so much--my late great alcoholic druggie grandma didn't log in this much hospital time. It's only 19 days into the new year and already she's been in the hospital twice (last week's People said she had an appendectomy and I read on that she just entered rehab). This girl better slow down soon or the GR will be knockin' on her door!